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American Soft Swingers at soft swing USA

This site is for people who prefer to indulge in soft swinging (see below for definitions of soft swinging) rather than full blown partner swapping, or for people who are new to the swinging lifestyle and are not sure if they want to get involved in full swinging yet.

If you want information not on the site, write to us via the contact page and we will try to find the information for you.

If you want to share information about the Soft Swinging lifestyle with others, again write to us and if we feel it is relevant we will add it to the site.

Its time to start thinking about your next vacation..... How about spending it with other swinging couples? We have been busy researching swinging and adult vacations around the world and have put together a whole selection of great venues Click Here To view the list. These resorts allow differing levels of interaction between guests, soft swingers are welcome at all of them.

Welcome to the world of swinging

Jo & David

Soft Swingers are people who enjoy the following:

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