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24 x 7 Helpdesk

Our Helpdesk is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to verify profile contents and help resolve membership or subscription questions.

Member Verification

Every profile is checked on creation and modification to keep out fakes, escorts, scammers and spammers.

Growing Membership

Our membership is growing at a rate of over 50,000 swingers a day.

Soft Swing USA

is for people who prefer to indulge in soft swinging (see below for definitions of soft swinging) rather than full blown partner swapping, or for people who are new to the swinging lifestyle and are not sure if they want to get involved in full swinging yet.

Having been in the swinging scene for more than 40 years between us, we are obviously not soft swingers ourselves, but we remember what it was like when we started out and we are here to help.

If you want information not on the site, write to us via the contact page and we will try to find the information for you.

What is Soft Swinging?

Soft Swingers are people who enjoy the following:

About Soft Swing USA

Soft Swing USA is the leading source of Contacts for Soft Swingers in America.

We have thousands of members in every state in the Union with over 5.5 million swinging members waiting to meet.

We are here to stay, we have been helping members meet in the UK since 1997 and in America since 1999, Australia since 2000 and Canada since 2001.

Most Swingers Websites are run by corporations, we are different. We are a Genuine Swinging Couple, we build our websites in our Spare bedroom and we meet with and party with our members whenever possible.

SoftSwingUSA Security

We work hard to to keep the site free of Fakes, Product and Service Advertisers, Spammers and Scammers.

  • We'll never ask you for Online Dating Clearance or Online Dating Protection - They don't exist! Please report the profile of anyone who tries to get you to sign up for such a scheme.
  • To minimise fake profiles on the site, we require people to confirm their email address before their profile is activated.
  • We do not allow the publication of Telephone numbers or addresses or other identifying details, this is to stop people posting profiles with other peoples details in them.
  • We do not allow the publication of email addresses or website addresses, this is so companies don't use the system to advertise products - we are a swingers contact system, not an advertising platform.
  • To maintain your privacy, we have a closed internal mail system. Your incoming messages can only be read by you after you log in. You can have a notification sent to your emails if you want to know when you receive a message.
  • If you find a fake profile just send the profile name or number to the helpdesk, or hit the report profile button inside the app and we will check the profile and if we agree it is fake we will remove it.
  • To help you identify Junk Messages we put symbols on the message header:
    • An Admin Button shows the mail is from a genuine Administrator of the site. Any user contacting you claiming to be an Admin without the Admin button is NOT an Admin.
    • A Warning Triangle with an exclaimation mark means that the sender does not match what you are looking for.
    • A Pair of Scissors means that the message is a cut and paste message - the user is sending the same message to multiple people.
    • A Paper Plane means it is a system generated introduction message.
    • A VIP Button means that a VIP member is trying to contact you.
    • A Top Poster Button means that a Long Term, Very Active member is tryinbg to contact you.
    • An Advisor Button means that a person with lots of experience in the Swinging Lifestyle is trying to contact you.
  • You can help us keep the site user friendly by letting us know the profile name of anyone who contacts you trying to sell you something or trying to get you to visit another website.

About Your Webmasters

We are JoJo (Joanne) and DirtyDavid. JoJo has been in the swinging Lifestyle since 2000, David since 1974!

We build swingers contact websites and run Lifestyle Socials and Swingers Parties.

We enjoy meeting and playing with our members when possible. We lived in the UK until 2004, then we lived in Spain until 2019. Since April 2020 we have been living in New Brunswick in Canada.

We don't send out pictures to people, we had so many requests we didn't have time to respond to everyone. So we built a website where we posted a lot of our photos and talk about what we like to do and how people can meet us. It iss free to use at https://joanddavid.com

I met David at one of his Swingers Parties in 2000. It was my first Swingers Party and I had so much fun. I had my first 3 some with a couple and my first girl on girl experience all in one night.
BiSexual, Hotwife, Cougar and Greedy Girl
I started swinging in my late teens when I lived in London. I have been involved in the lifestyle most of the time since then. I have run over 500 Swingers Parties. Jo and I manage over 300 Swingers Websites.
Straight Male Swinger and Party Host
A few Swinging Guides

To help you get the most out of the swinging lifestyle

If you have a Problem.

The quickest way to get a problem resolved is to contact the helpdesk which is staffed 24/7. Only escalate to us by WhatsApp, Telegram or email if the helpdesk has not been able to resolve your issue.